Emmanuel Quinn

Emmanuel Quinn is the founder of BBBP and president of the Board of Directors. After learning from family in Belfast that their community’s youth were committing suicide at an alarming rate, he gathered up a group of people in Washington that he knew could help and formed BBBP. In reaching out to boxing clubs and youth groups in the Washington D.C. area, he found that many of the youth here face similar hardships — poverty, lack of opportunity, family histories of substance abuse, and community violence. As a youth boxer himself, he recognized that the lessons of discipline and structure that boxing provides go beyond the ring. 

Emmanuel came to the United States by himself when he was just 15 years old. Many of the youth with whom he grew up in Belfast had never left their neighborhood. One of the foundations of this project is to provide each year’s participants with the opportunity to see another part of the world, learn about different cultures, and to broaden their horizons in hopes that it will put them on a path to succeed.